Shot over three years, ‘The Winter Garden’ is an immersive documentary about community and the power of creativity. A story about how a small group of women, with hope and imagination, regenerated their broken community and in the process won Britains most-coveted contemporary art competition, The Turner Prize.


Liverpool, 1981. The once thriving, multi-cultural neighbourhood of Granby is in ruins after the worst race riots in generations. Over the following decade bulldozers destroyed most of the houses to create a faceless estate, scattering the once thriving community, leaving only four original streets, sparsely populated and filled with boarded up houses. 

But the developers had not counted on the fearless, resourceful women who lived there. These women, from different cultural backgrounds, but sharing a common goal, refused to move out. Instead, they fought back, their weapon of choice - creativity. 

Over the next two decades they cleared, planted, painted and campaigned in order to reclaim their streets and save their homes. In 2015, partnering with Assemble, a collective working across art, design and architecture, they imagined a new magical space as the focus of the community - The Winter Garden.