This was an interesting job with an innovative application.  Four days in the Isle of Islay in the Inner Hebrides shooting 360 landscapes and interiors following the story of single malt whiskey, Lagavulin, from barley field to dramming room.

The film was shot in full 360 8k video to be projected onto the walls of a multi-sensory whiskey tasting booth to create an immersive audio visual backdrop to the tasting experience along with smells, sensory textures, wind and surround sound. The tasting booth travels the work introducing decision makers to multi-sensory experience of Lagavulin malt.

Post was a challenge, as even off-line edits and stitching test needed to be rendered out in full 8K before being projected in the projection dome for approval. The stitch needed to be perfect to keep the sense of immersion for the tasting experience.

This edit is the online version of the film distributed through the Lagavulin website and YouTube.


360 director, 360 cinematographer, stitching, post-production

Agency: East City / Condiment Junkie. Produced by Ashley Grey. Barley field and kiln footage by East City.