Who Am I?


“When I grow up I want to be a spaceman”

Well that never happened, but luckily I managed to bag the second best job in the world. I travel the planet with my cameras, filming it’s most interesting corners and capturing the stories of the people I meet. 

I own more cameras than pairs of shoes and have made films in over 60 countries, for some of the most interesting brands in the world, for government departments, NGOs and most importantly for those whose stories I believe need telling. I have filmed CEO’s and fisherman, CERN physicists and refugees. I even once filmed a pop star underwater in a jacuzzi full of strawberries (I was young and needed the money).

As an early adopter of everything that can be adopted early I now bring my storytelling skills to directing and shooting VR 360 video. I also work as VR Creative Director, helping to design 360 video campaigns and complex 360 video interactive projects.

Some people have been kind enough to give me some awards, although one of them once fell off the toilet wall and nearly severed my toe. I live in London with my wife, daughters, cats, dog and an increasingly dusty telescope.


me look.jpg

How do I work?

I work with production companies and directly with agencies and brands to conceive, direct, shoot and edit engaging films for delivery across multiple channels, bringing a strong sense of authorship and a highly developed photographic style to my films. 

I can work as a completely independent creative unit with my own kit and crew or as a director for hire. I’m equally at home with small, lean crews of three people on location as I am with running larger units. I have my own extensive Canon and Sony camera kit but I am also experienced shooting on Red or Arri kit.  I love to edit my own work (although I know this is not always possible) and have several Adobe Premiere suites with colour grading systems.

For 360 video I can cover all aspects of 360 a production from strategy, creative, shoot and post. I own numerous  360 video camera set ups including a Kandao Obsidian 6K camera, custom made DSLR 360 rigs, 360 sport cams and GoPro rigs as well as specialist 360 grip kit, audio kit and post-production suites.

I am flexible, committed and easy to work with (apparently).

Say Hello mail@davidbetteridge.com

+44 7778 301782